Our lives are highlighted by the detail, the up close moments, the clarity and focus of the people, places and things we love.


Contributing over 80% of sensory input from our surroundings, our eyes are the windows to our world. Eye or vision disorders can therefore have an enormous impact on our daily lives. It is often not until we experience a problem that we fully understand how important the health of our eyes is.

As with other health issues, concerns about eye health depends on early detection and intervention for treatment to be as effective as possible. From surgical correction and treatment to aesthetic enhancements, Dr Phung Vu brings over 25 years of experience and can be trusted to achieve the best outcome for your eyesight and appearance.

Surgical services are provided in the following areas

“As a patient, you want to know you are in skilled hands, that the clinician you choose can be trusted to deliver the best results.” Dr Phung Vu